Dermatology Co2 Laser Fractional Machine FC100 Fraxco2 FC100

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Introduction: Fraxco2® Fractional Co2 laser is considered as indispensable method for laser surgery Refine, a super pulsed CO2 fractional laser.

  • Model: FC100
  • Brand: Fraxco2
  • Manufacturer: Winkonlaser
  • Wavelength: 10,600 nm
  • Power: Up to 70w
  • Spot size: Up to 20x20mm
  • Scan Times: 1-20 times
  • Pulse energ: 1 mj to 100 mj adjustable on LCD screen
  • Scan mode: Free scan; Sequence scan; maximum distance scan
  • Laser System: Fractional / Normal / Gynae / Vulvae
  • Function: dermatology, scar removal, ENT surgery, gynecological surgery, vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation
  • Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60Hz
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    Fractional Co2 laser is considered as indispensable method for laser surgery Refine, a super pulsed CO2 fractional laser, delivers micro pulsed laser on skin lesions via controllable and adjustable spot size, energy density, distance, depth for accurate treatment. It creates strong epidermal ablation to realize skin resurfacing effects. In the meanwhile, it stimulates collagen regeneration b delivering fractional laser beams deep into dermis to realize multiple clinica

    Working Principle Co2 laser have a high absorption of water while low absorption of melanin and hemoglobin. It generates heat to coagulate content in water and produce epidermal ablation on targeted area accurately Refine can deliver multiple laser beams in fractional pattern which create a MTZ(Micro Thermal Zone). The laser pulses penetrate deep into dermis to produce vaporization, coagulation and carbonization in skin tissues. Undamaged skin tissues between laser beams act as heal server" to increase the recovering process. Thus, fractional Co2 is an optima solution for complete skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation

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    Minimal invasive for skin resurfacing,skin rejuvenation and pigment lesions. Minimal thermal impacts, no downtime, little pain,no bleeding. A wide applications for dermatology, gynecology,general surgery, ENT and anorectal etc. Adjustable spot size, energy density,scanning times with synchronic indication light,to ensure precise treatment Multiple working modes with smart scanning directions Various spot shapes for different skin lesions to reduce the overlapping on treatment area


    Skin renewing and resurfacing
    Wrinkle removal, skin tightenin
    Acne and acne scar removal
    Vaginal tightening

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