Laser beauty, so I have so many misunderstandings about it! (1)

With the advantages of high safety, short treatment time and fast recovery, laser beauty can make us secretly beautiful in a short period of time.

Laser cosmetology not only has obvious therapeutic effects on skin pigmentation lesions, scars, tattoos, vascular diseases, etc., but also can manage skin rejuvenation, such as skin rejuvenation, whitening, hair removal, skin firming, and shrinking pores. But because of lack of understanding of laser beauty, or even misunderstanding, many people dare not try it lightly. Today, I will answer the misunderstanding and truth about laser beauty.

1. Will the skin become thinner after laser cosmetic


Won’t. Laser lightens dark spots, removes dilated small blood vessels, repairs photodamaged skin, and improves the appearance of skin through selective thermal action. The photothermal effect of the laser can change the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis, increase the number, rearrange, and restore the elasticity of the skin, thereby achieving the effect of reducing wrinkles and shrinking pores. Therefore, instead of thinning the skin, it will increase the thickness of the skin, make it firmer and more elastic, and turn it into a younger one.



It should be noted that early and low-quality laser equipment may make the skin thinner, but with the current technology update of laser equipment, the use of advanced and first-class brand laser equipment will not cause skin thinning.

2. Will the skin become sensitive after laser cosmetic


No, the moisture of the epidermis will be reduced in a short period of time after laser cosmetic surgery, or the stratum corneum will be damaged, or the laser of exfoliation treatment will form scabs, but all the “damages” are within the controllable range and will heal, new Healed skin has a complete mechanism and the function of replacing old and new, so scientific laser beauty will not make the skin sensitive.

3. Will laser beauty produce a sense of dependence?

No, many people think that the effect of laser cosmetic surgery is okay, but once it is done, it will cause a sense of dependence, and if it is not done, it will rebound or worsen. In fact, the aging of human skin is continuous. We cannot stop the pace of aging, we can only slow down the pace of aging. If laser beauty wants to obtain more ideal results, it will inevitably require multiple treatments or maintenance treatments. A sense of dependence.


4. Can a course of treatment completely solve the


 cannot. The human body is very complicated, and each person has a different reaction and degree to a certain stimulus. For the same problem, some people can get good results three times, and some people may not be able to get good results seven or eight times. In addition, many diseases are destined to relapse, and the current treatment is only to improve. For example, freckles are genetic diseases, which can only last for a period of time after treatment, and there will always be a certain degree of recurrence thereafter.

 5. Do I need sun protection after laser cosmetic surgery?

Yes, there are clear requirements for sun protection after laser cosmetic surgery. Generally, pay attention to sun protection within 3 months after treatment to avoid pigmentation. But sun protection is not something you should pay attention to after laser cosmetic surgery. Studies have shown that ultraviolet rays in the sun are the main killer of skin aging. From the perspective of preventing photodamage and protecting the skin, you should pay attention to sun protection at any time.

 6. The laser has radiation, should I wear protective


The wavelengths used in laser therapy belong to the category of surgical lasers and do not have any radiation. The laser equipment used in the treatment is a high-energy laser with strong energy, so glasses with special wavelength and optical density should be worn during treatment, which are glasses specially designed to protect specific wavelengths to protect our eyes.


7. How big is the size of the birthmark?

A beauty institution declared: “Laser treatment for birthmarks has a 100% success rate. It does not damage normal skin, is safe, efficient, and has no scars.” Consumers believe it, leave happy, and return disappointed. There are various types of birthmarks, and the therapeutic effect is related to the age of the patient, the location of the birthmark, and the size of the area. In addition, most birthmarks require multiple treatments.

Huang: Café-au-lait spots The overall effect of the treatment of café-au-lait spots is good, basically 70% of people have good results. Generally, 1 to 3 treatments are required, and some stubborn cases require multiple treatments. Overall, there is great hope for the treatment of café au lait spots, especially for small plaques with a very high cure rate.

Black: Nevus of Ota Nevus of Ota can range from mild to severe. If it is relatively shallow, it can be cured in four treatments, and if it is serious, it may need more than a dozen treatments. The number of times of treatment is closely related to the color of nevus of Ota.

Red: PWS, commonly known as hemangioma. After laser treatment, the red birthmark can be significantly lightened. Of course, the effect is not as obvious as the nevus of Ota. The treatment effect is to lighten more than half of the color, and it can lighten 80% to 90%.

8. Laser tattoo removal, easy without leaving marks?

Induced by some beauty institutions with exaggerated propaganda, many people think: “Laser tattoo removal can completely eliminate tattoos, and it can be easily removed without leaving scars.”


In fact, as long as you have a tattoo, you can remove it if you don’t want to. For lighter colored tattoos, there will be some changes after the treatment, and it will take one and a half years for the tattoo to be effective. This is a particularly good situation. Color tattoos are not very good, there will be scars. Before cleaning, you should feel whether the tattoo is flat, some are raised, like a relief, if you touch it flat, it is expected that the effect will be better. Eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos are all Wenxiu, and the removal effect is better. Trauma caused dirty things to remain inside, and the effect is also very good after cleaning.

Post time: Dec-14-2022