Laser beauty, so I have so many misunderstandings about it!

The effect of laser cosmetology has a lot to do with the equipment and doctor’s experience, and the combination of advanced laser technology and professional doctors can ensure safety and efficacy. And laser cosmetology varies from person to person, and these need to be judged by experienced doctors. For your own safety, laser cosmetology must choose a professional medical institution.

How to care after laser beauty?

Care 1: Reduce postoperative skin reactions

Regardless of the laser cosmetic treatment, our skin may experience redness and swelling after the treatment, so we should immediately apply ice to our treatment area with cold water or ice cubes. If our skin appears white after treatment, we should apply ice for about half an hour; If there is redness, swelling and congestion, then we need to apply ice for about 15 minutes.


Care 2: Prevent infection

After laser treatment, a small number of people’s skin may be broken, if female friends encounter such a situation, it is recommended that you can use antibiotic ointment appropriately, and apply antibiotic ointment to our wound wound for about 3-7 days; If the wound wound is relatively large, it is best not to let our wound be lit with raw water, and at the same time, we should avoid using skin care products containing tretinoin, salicylic acid and other substances, so as not to cause our wound infection and delay the recovery of our wound.

Care 3: Sun protection

For Asian human skin, it is easy to have pigmentation after laser treatment, so we must pay attention to sun protection after treatment, especially in the summer when ultraviolet rays are strong, go out must be equipped with sun hats, umbrellas, sunglasses and other equipment. In the later stage of treatment, the wound on the surface has basically healed, at this time we can apply a certain amount of sunscreen for sun protection; If pigmentation occurs three weeks after surgery, depigmentation medications may be used to help eliminate it.



Care 4: Diet

For our skin prone to pigmentation problems after laser treatment, we need to eat more foods such as vitamin C and vitamin A to avoid it, and we should also eat less foods that contain folic acid, B vitamins and other foods that are easy to produce pigment.

Care 5: Use more skin repair agents

The wound of the treatment site is damaged to a certain extent, although it can also recover well under the body’s self-repair function, but because we need to go to work and study for a long time in this state is not good, we can choose a certain skin repair agent to help our skin recover. These skin repair agents can help us promote self-repair of wounds and promote the regeneration of our skin tissue.

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