Mixslim® 360 Cryo Fat Freezing Machine For Body HS1000C

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360 Sculpt: Sculpt your body with precision and ease.
CurveX: Get rid of stubborn fat in every curve and angle.
ChillBlast: Blast away unwanted fat with a powerful, non-invasive treatment.
BodyShaper360: Get the body you want with the most advanced fat reduction technology.
Contour360: Perfectly contour your body and achieve your ideal shape.

  • Brand Name: MIXSLIM®
  • Model: HS1000C
  • Technology: 360°Cryo Fat Melting
  • Touch Screen: 10 inch color touch screen
  • Handle: Arc-T *2 / Flat *2 / Dawn L *1 / Dawn S *1 (Standard) Flat Mini *1 / Dawn M *1 (Optional)
  • Cooling Intensity: 1-5 Level Adjustable
  • Depth: 1-5 Level Adjustable
  • Heating Intensity: 0-4 Level Adjustable
  • Input Voltage: AC110V/220V
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    Why Choose MixSlim®

    The MixSlim® is the solution for the ultimate fat reduction experience.

    Designed with 360° Surrounded Cooling Technology, the multiple cooling cups fitall curves contours from as high as your chin all the way down to the knees to deliver absolute-non-invasive body contouring.





    Superior Results.

    The MixSlim® generates stable, but powerful cooling energy into the patient’s subcutaneous fat deposits to induce apoptosis, disposing of dead fat cells through the body’s metabolism. To safely ensure effective stubborn fat removal, 360° Surround Cooling cups only target fat deposits for crystallization without harming surrounding tissues or nerve areas.


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